It’s 12:23am and I’m listening to the Little Shop of Horrors soundtrack and trying to convince myself to go to sleep

As of around 11am today my little sister has a girlfriend!!! I’m torn between being really proud of her and of re-evaluating my life because the 13 year old with pink hair got into a relationship before me

I am 99% sure we’re doing Intense Vocal Work in class today which would be great and exciting if I could actually talk without my throat dying a little

I had to go to Vintage Dancing because my mum teaches it but I was too sick to do proper warm-ups, so instead I just did this

The Character Wardrobe Meme


Send a number to my ask box along with a character of your choice, and I’ll draw up the ensuing ensemble! (If the character chosen wouldn’t wear the option given… go ahead and sub in something else!)


  1. Underwear
  2. Casual clothes
  3. Work uniform
  4. Night clothes
  5. Swimwear
  6. Formal gala garb
  7. Lounging, lazy-time stuff
  8. A party outfit
  9. Date night threads
  10. Something outdoorsy
  11. Interview outfit
  12. Tourist/travel wear
  13. A costume!
  14. Their sick day scrubs
  15. Summer clothes
  16. Winter clothes
  17. Um, spring clothes?
  18. Why not - fall clothes!
  19. Workout wear
  20. Last minute throw-ons
  21. The most expensive thing they own
  22. A fig leaf

Feel free to add, subtract, or alter as you please to fit your character bunch!

What is your proudest moment?


once i was in a high school play and we were practicing afterschool and on stage was this bowl of fake lemons and somehow i had a fake lemon in my hand but i was about twenty feet away on the ground and. i didnt want to walk over so i threw the lemon underhand and it flew twenty feet over the stage and landnded in the bowl of fake lemons and didnt bounce out and nobody saw it. nobody saw it happen but its the great est thing ive ever done


rat riding cat riding dog


rat riding cat riding dog


A sunset from behind Seljalandsfoss waterfall, Iceland. photo by David Shield


A sunset from behind Seljalandsfoss waterfall, Iceland. photo by David Shield




this film was a masterpiece

bottom left is just fucking hilarious

Say what you want about the original Spider-mans but this was a treasure


when u at a concert & ur favorite band member looks u in the eye



Sure, it’s cool if the Avengers decide to have a little shawarma in your restaurant after defeating inter-dimensional aliens. But if the Hulk wrecks your joint, don’t expect the insurance company to foot the bill. 

Hulk smash. 



So I decided to take photos of all the lace saris. I also wanted to pair some of them up with my corsets, on top of them.