My brother just booped me in the nose with a scale modle of the Next Gen Enterprise

Gandalf: I’m going to lead you on a journey
Gandalf: …
Gandalf: brb

I managed to not get a good shot of the whole outfit (or at all really), but here’s some shots of my Columbia costume today \o/

He had a pick-up truck and the Devil’s eyes!

I can’t wait to wack on a corset and wow a small group of restaurant goers

So guess who’s being Columbia for a RHPS themed lunch/tour group tomorrow?

there is so much dust in my nose oh my god I hate cleaning

Life Hack: If you are scared of spiders, don’t be an Australian

My mother has informed me that if she ever met Fall Out Boy she would pat their heads and make every possible sex joke she could while I stood there horrified

If I die young bury me in angsty Steve/Bucky

my laptop’s about to die time to get back to cleaning D:

let’s all have 800 moments of silence for the 12 pairs of shoes I have to give away because I don’t have room for them anymore

things about Hufflepuffs #296


Hufflepuffs are an interesting breed of people… one might generalize them as “people-loving introverts”. They love social activity and being in a lively environment, but then they usually need some quiet ‘recharging’ time.


The most iconic photo of all time.


The most iconic photo of all time.


Simultaneously the worst and best movie ever made


you fuck with spencer smith you fuck with me